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I want to watch my wife with another woman

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Good job, Illinois voters.

The two most-read Reader stories of all time both involve major disappointments. I agree with what others are saying on some level however, I do totally understand on allot of levels why this would seem hot and a less harmful version of having a 3 some or whatever. Nude big ass aunty. I want to watch my wife with another woman. Which i think is more to tease us. Password Please enter a password for your user account. And when you went ahead and stuck your penis in the other woman's vagina anyway, you stupid motherfucker, that threesome suddenly became a nonconsensual sexual experience for your wife.

The Crimes of Grindelwald Fantastic Beasts: He then slid his finger back into me and asked if I wanted a taste. Almost all that time has been great.

I'd keep this one in the fantasy arena. Should I ask another woman to join us for the possible pleasure for both of us or just delay it enough and maybe he'll forget about it? Why do married people go looking for trouble!!! Has she ever expressed any interest in being with another woman? But be careful, if you ask one of your friends about this and they take it the wrong way you being curious, and them being either really into you or really against you they might make a move on you, or start spreading rumors or something like that.

I have no desire to have another female in bed with me. Should I set him free? Go for it, if you are curious, and he wants to see it, then it's good for both of you. I think many men on some level wished that their wives were bi as it is a hot fantasy. Hot hardcore sex picture. I too am curious about being with another woman. Switch to the mobile version of this page. Adding to her feelings of violation, she felt obligated to play along and pretend she was fine with your penis in the other woman's vagina because she didn't want to ruin the experience for you, for starters, and she probably didn't want to make your third feel uncomfortable—a third who either didn't know about the no-penis-in-her-vagina ground rule or knew about it and didn't give a shit which would make her a malicious motherfucker —and as a result, your wife may feel complicit in her own violation.

Find more savagery at chicagoreader. If you'd demonstrated to your wife during your very first threesome that you could be trusted, if you'd cheerfully observed the ground rules, this threesome would very likely have been the first in a whole series of sexual adventures.

I was completely down with every other aspect of the threesome, but I feel like a line was crossed. I said I was uncomfortable with his P in her V, and I ended up watching them fuck. The Best Part Of Thanksgiving: What if your kids someday were to find it? Related The two most-read Reader stories of all time both involve major disappointments.

I want to watch my wife with another woman

Want to watch wife with another woman. Quote message in reply? Seeing my husband make love to another man is my biggest fantasy of all, but he insists that it will never happen. At first it's good to see if he'll forget it.

My husband recently suggested something similar and I wasn't too pleased not my thing but I haven't been too hard on him because he's not one to open up alot about his fantasies.

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Or ask her how she feels about two women together: By John Greenfield Our sex life has always been ok but a bit reserved. I wouldn't read too much into how close they are as friends And though I was a bit slow telling him, just because it's so fucking hard to talk about, he knows that ever since I realized I was attracted to other women, I've felt like a guilty pervert.

Tell your wife, "I read the other day, that some women fantasize about being with a woman. Most sexy girl in porn. He left them doing time. I would love my wife to sleep with my friends wife. I want to watch my wife with another woman. I havent broached the subject with my wife yet as i dont want to put any pressure on her etc. And unless you speak your mind he may expect it.

And if she DOES have an interest in being with a woman, things could still get very messy. Respecting your partner's boundaries—honoring those ground rules—sends a message: What if you or your buddy can't look at the other's wives without thinking of very lusty images? Don't assume that this will be different between 2 women.

If you really, really want to go forward with this, I would strongly suggest subtly feeling her out on this. Fewer copious-amounts-of-alcohol-enabled bisexual experiences in the short run, with less money going to booze and more going to therapy, may lead to more—and happier, and easier-to-recall—bisexual experiences in the long run.

We are best friends with another couple friends only. Alexandra chando naked. She makes off handed remarks about beautiful women like "I'd let her lick me" but, have never pushed the issue.

And, yes, I go to therapy when I can afford it. You'll risk getting your feelings hurt, especially if things get carried away, and it becomes a full on threesome- and he moves in on her. I think it would be hard for any man to say that seeing another women naked could likely increase his desire to sleep with her. My curiosity was satisfied and I realized that the only person I want in my bed is my husband. Their "open flirtation" could be girl bonding or they could be doing it to get a rise out of the both of you.

Despite your professed "good bro" status, don't think this could change the dynamics of the relationship with the 4 of you forever or would certainly could increase the likelihood that there could be an affair. DO NOT be a stupid motherfucker. He knows I'm into women and that I would like to explore that somehow, eventually, but I don't know if he gets how hard that could actually be for me. Korean 18 movie video. This situation you dream of could go wrong, very wrong and very quickly go wrong.

Women are more touchy feely in friendships than men. How can you be sure that it would not be stolen, posted on the internet etc. Go for it, if you are curious, and he wants to see it, then it's good for both of you. I highly suggest you don't do it, but if you do, make sure your guy is honest with you. Because you violated her. They are also measuring your ability to respect their boundaries. Even if you get what you want without objection. Take your vows seriously. You might have gotten to penis-in-vagina intercourse with another woman with your wife's enthusiastic consent!

And we know men If your man says he won't touch her then he is telling the truth. I think it depends on whether it's something you really want to do or not. I have never asked what this experimentation actually entailed though because I think it best for us to keep "our pre-marriage" encounters out of the subject of conversation. But, I would definitely be wary of just going, "Hey, babe, you wanna do Bob's wife?

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If your suspicion is correct and your wives do want this and they were to initiate some version of an encounter on the fly it could quickly go further than it should.

DO NOT violate your husband's ground rules. Squeezing tits together. If you're both interested in it I see nothing wrong with it! I would say to you just do it. But you went ahead and stuck your penis in the other woman's vagina anyway. I want to watch my wife with another woman. Gold milf porn Even if you are correct and there is sexual attraction there do you want to go there?

The first time you may not like if or freak out and you just may not want to be that exposed to your partner Showing 1- 25 of This is what I recommend. You'll risk getting your feelings hurt, especially if things get carried away, and it becomes a full on threesome- and he moves in on her. At what point would the video evidence be destroyed?

Call it what you will but, I think if my wife knew that I wanted to see one of our friends naked she may be hurt. I just said unless you want me asking to bring men into the mix don't ask me again and we had a good laugh over it humor always humor.

Am I wrong to feel hurt?

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